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Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is over 165 years of engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability aspects of the prominent international technology company. Electrification company operating in more than 200 countries, focuses on the automation and digitization field. Energy and resources is one of the efficient technology in the world's largest manufacturer Siemens same time, off-shore wind turbine construction, energy production has a leading position in the purposes combined cycle turbine supply and power transmission solutions. Siemens also has been a leader in automation and software solutions for the industry and infrastructure solutions.

Siemens Turkey, as well as, the medical imaging (computed tomography, magnetic resonance, etc.) Are among the leading suppliers and is the leader in laboratory diagnostics with clinical IT.

September 30 2013, total revenues in the fiscal year that ended in 2013 the company has obtained from continuing operations of about 75.9 billion euros, while net profit from continuing operations reached 4.2 billion euros. The total number of employees at the end of September 2013 general Siemens the world about 362 thousand.

Factory Automation

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