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Temperature Control and Timers > Solid State Relay (SSR Relay) SPC1 Series Single-Phase Power Controllers
SPC1 Series Single-Phase Power Controllers

Brand: Autonics

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SPC1 Series Single-Phase Power Controllers

Product Specifications

The SPC1 series single phase power controllers offer reliable and stable power control. The units can handle various control inputs and feature various control modes (phase control, cycle control, ON/OFF control). The controllers also feature various functions including output adjustment function and soft start function. Users can also quickly identify operation status with the LED output operation indicator.

Product Code Outputs Control Methods Flow Control Input
SPC1-35-E 220 VAC 50/60Hz Phase, Cycle (0, Transition), ON/OFF(0 Transition) Single Phase 35A Ignition, DC4-20 mA, DC1-5V, 1K Resistance
External Potentiometer
SPC1-50-E Single Phase 50A
Product Documents
SPC1 Series -- Data Sheet09.04.2019 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
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