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ABR Series Barcode Readers

Brand: Banner Engineering

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ABR Series Barcode Readers

Product Specifications

ABR3000 Series

The ultracompact ABR 3000 is a feature-rich barcode reader that solves a wide range of barcode reading applications and can be deployed in very small spaces.
Choose from models with a WVGA (752 x 480 pixels) imager or a 1.2 MP (1280 x 960 pixels) imager.
It features built-in LED lighting, and is available with Ethernet or USB communication capabilities.

  Product Code Resolution Lens Lighting Communication Code
(752x480 pixels)
9mm manuel focus White Serial/USB 1D ve 2D
ABR3009-WSE2 Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D
ABR3009-WSU1 Serial/USB 1D
ABR3009-WSE1 Serial/USB 1D
ABR3106-WSU2 1.2 MP 
(1280x960 pixels)
6mm manuel focus Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D
ABR3106-WSE2 Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D
ABR3106-WSE1 Serial/Ethernet 1D
ABR3106-WSE1 Serial/Ethernet 1D
ABR3106-WPU2 Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D
ABR3106-WPE2 Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D


ABR7000 Series

The compact ABR 7000 is capable of solving any barcode reading application. It has a 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024 pixels) imager, fast processing time, superior integrated lighting, and Ethernet connectivity.
Multiple lens options, including a liquid lens autofocus, are available.
This versatile barcode reader is ideal for use in long-range, direct part marking (DPM), high-speed, and other challenging applications.

  Product Code Resolution Lens Lighting Communication Code
ABR7109-RSE2 1.3 MP (1280x1024px) 9mm manuel focus Red Serial/Ethernet 1D ve 2D
ABR7109-MSE2 Red/Blue
ABR7112-RSE2 12mm manuel focus Red
ABR7116-RSE2 16mm manuel focus Red
ABR7106-RSE2 6mm manuel focus Red
ABR7106-MSE2 Red/Blue
ABR71L9-MSE2 9mm
oto focus
ABR71L9-MSE2 Red/Blue
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