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The ideal solution with easy to use and affordable price Siemens Servo Drive Series

S-1FL6 servo motors is a basic servo drive system designed to seamlessly work for your application.

This system positioning, speed and torque control features it offers optimized servo performance.

To enable very fast thanks to the Plug & Play feature.

    •    Optimized servo performance

    •    Economic

    •    Easy Operation

    •    Safe Operation

Set the content of the products included:
Siemens Product Code Description
1FL6062-1AC61-0LA1 1FL6 servo motor 4,78 Nm 2000 rpm, Absolute encoder 20-bit single-turn + 12-bit multi-turn
6SL3210-5FE11-0UA0 Sinamics V90, 3-phase 380V, 1kW,3A PTI and analog connectivity, speed, torque and positioning                                                        characteristics, internal braking resistor, to install 300%
6FX3002-5CL01-1AD0 MOTION-CONNECT 300, the servo motor power cable 3 meters 4x1,5 1FL6
6FX3002-2DB10-1AD0 MOTION-CONNECT 300, servo motor 1FL6 absolute encoder cable 3 meters