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IoT2040 Intelligent Gateway

The SIMATIC IoT2040 industrial intelligent gateway is a reliable open platform for collecting, processing and transferring the data in the production environment to the relevant recipients. This process is a solution that can be easily implemented in these scenarios. The industrial IoT2040 device is able to support industrial engineers, makers and designers. It is ideally suited as gateway between the cloud or the company IT level and production. The SIMATIC IOT2040 is designed for 24/7 operation and is the link between production and cloud based data analysis. It combines the tasks of interfacing to the ERP system and the corresponding communication of automation components which therefore minimises errors and increases the production process. The role as an intelligent gateway interface can be used in both directions transferring analysed data from the cloud to the production control. This continuous data communication closes the control loop for optimisation of production.

Programming in high-level languages
Intel Quark x1020 (+Secure Boot) 
microSD Card slot
2 Ethernet Interfaces, 2 x RS232/485 interfaces
Yocto Linux support
LEDs, battery buffered RTC, watchdog

Expandable & connectivity with:

mPCLe cards & Arduino shields



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