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High productivity and efficiency increase with the CPU S7-1500

New SIMATIC S7-1500 controller that hosts many innovations, setting new standards for maximum efficiency. Thus, both small machine to be able to answer the complex system that demands both speed and stability .. SIMATIC S7-1500, uninterruptible is integrated into TIA Portal engineering for maximum efficiency.

  • CPU 1516-3 PN/DP: 
    for applications with high requirements regarding program scope, networking and processing speed, for distributed setup via PROFINET IO and PROFIBUS DP. The additional integrated PROFINET interface with separate IP address can be used, for example, for network separation.
Features CPU 1516-3 PN / DP
Work memory for program, integrated 1 MB
Work memory for data, integrated 5 MB
Load memory Plug-in via SIMATIC memory card
Display diagonal 6.1 cm
Command execution times
Bit operation 0.01 µs
Word operation  0.012 µs
Fixed-point operation 0.016 µs
Floating-point operation 0.064 µs
Bit memories, timers, counters 
S7 counters/timers 2048 each
IEC counter arbitrary (only limited by the work memory)
IEC timer arbitrary (only limited by the work memory)
Bit memories 16 KB
I/O address range
Inputs 32 KB (all inputs are stored in the process image)
Outputs 32 KB (all inputs are stored in the process image)
Number of axes up to 30
PtP Yes (via CM)
PROFINET 1x PN (and via CM)


 (2-port switch)

PROFIBUS 1 x DP (and via CM)
Web server Yes


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