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Two compact CPUs with differing performance ranges are available for SIMATIC S7-1500:

  • CPU 1511C-1 PN: 
    with integrated I/Os and technological functions for applications with medium requirements on the program scope and processing speed, for distributed setup via PROFINET IO.


  • The compact CPU with integral digital and analog inputs and outputs in the product spectrum of the S7-1500 Controllers
  • With integrated technological functions, e.g. high-speed counter (HSC), frequency measurement, period duration measurement or stepper motor control, pulse duration modulation, frequency output
  • Suitable for applications with medium requirements for program scope and processing speed
  • Used as central controller in production lines with central and distributed I/O
  • PROFINET IO IRT interface with 2-port switch
  • PROFINET IO Controller for operating distributed I/O on PROFINET
  • PROFINET I-Device for connecting the CPU as an intelligent PROFINET device under a SIMATIC or non-Siemens PROFINET IO Controller
  • OPC UA Server (Data Access) as runtime option for the easy connection of SIMATIC S7-1500 to third-party devices/systems
  • Isochronous mode
  • Integrated motion control functionalities for controlling speed-controlled and positioning axes, support for external encoders, cams/cam tracks and probes
  • Integrated web server for diagnostics with the option of creating user-defined web pages


                       Features                                  CPU 1511C-1 PN
Work memory for program, integrated 175 KB
Work memory for data, integrated 1 MB
Load memory Plug-in via SIMATIC memory card
Display diagonal 3.45 cm
Command execution times 
Bit operation 0.06 µs
Word operation 0.072 µs
Fixed-point operation 0.096 µs
Floating-point operation 0.384 µs
Bit memories, timers, counters 
S7 counters/timers 2048 each
IEC counter arbitrary (only limited by the work memory)
IEC timer arbitrary (only limited by the work memory)
Bit memories 16 KB
I/O address range 
Inputs 32 KB (all inputs are stored in the process image)
Outputs 32 KB (all outputs are stored in the process image)
Integrated inputs/outputs 
Digital inputs (integrated) 16
Digital outputs (integrated) 16
Analog inputs (integrated) 5 (4 x U/I, 1 x RTD)
Analog outputs (integrated) 2
PtP Yes (via CM)

1 x PN IO IRT (2-port switch)

Web server Yes
Integrated technological functions 
High-speed counters (HSC) 6 (max. 100 kHz)
Frequency meters 6 (max. 100 kHz)
Period measurement 6 channels


Product Documents
CPU 1511C-1 PN datasheet18.12.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
CPU 1511C-1 PN technical drawing pdf18.12.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
CPU 1511C-1 PN technical drawing DXF18.12.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
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