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Brand: Lumberg Automation

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Product Specifications

LioN-P, I / O Independent, PROFINET, industrial metal housing, 60 mm, IP69K, 16 digital input channels, 8 x M12A coded I / O connection, 5 pole, 2 x M12 D coded data bus connection, 4-pole, 2 x M12 L-coded power supply connection, 5-pole

Lumberg LioN-Power Multi Protocol Active I / O Modules

LioN-Power multi-protocol I / O modules that meet EtherNet / IP and PROFINET protocols. These multi-protocol I / O modules enable both input and output data directly to the machine, saving time and cost. Engineers need only one module to accommodate both protocols that can be used with the corresponding standardized L-coded M12 power connectors that provide high cost efficiency. These multi-protocol I / O Modules provide a single solution for IIoT (Industrial Objects Internet). The design of these LioN-Power active I / O modules is compact and lightweight. IP65 and IP67 values ??provide temporary immersion protection for dust, water jets and water. I / O modules can be mounted directly on the machine, which leads to reduced cabling costs. The L-coded M12 power ports have an optimized arrangement to simplify installation and allow additional LioN Power products to be connected. These LioN-Power multi-protocol I / O Modules are available in four signal variants for increased application flexibility. The part numbers 0980 ESL 1xx-121 have 8 IO-Link ports (4 x Type A and 4 x Type B) for flexible configuration.

Features and Benefits

• Compact, lightweight design  
• IP65 and IP67 class  
• Durable, fully concealed metal housing  
• Selectable power connection, 7/8 "and M12 Power  
• 15 g vibration resistant and 50 g shock proof  
• Multiple protocol support for PROFINET V2. 3 (Compliance Class C) and EtherNet / IP  
• IO-Link v1.1 for added signal freedom 
•  Digital outputs up to 2 A per connection, short-circuit proof and galvanic isolation  
• Integrated web server for configuration and diagnostics  
• Diagnosis and status LEDs for each channel  
• 2 x M12 Ethernet ports with switch function for line topology 
• Standard interface

Application Features

These LioN-Power multi-protocol I / O Modules offer a single solution for data communication and are ideal for use in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications. These applications include robotics production, food and beverage packaging, material handling and automotive settings.

Quality Value
Product code 0980 ESL 301-111
I / O Function 16 Digital Input
Number of Ports 12
Connector size M12
Bus Connection M12 LAN, 4-pole, with D code
Power Connection (System Supply) 7/8 "Power, 5 poles
Network compatibility PROFINET
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