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IoT2020 Intelligent Gateway 

The IOT2020 gateway is compatible with most Arduino sketches that can be uploaded directly from the Arduino IDE. Many other programs can be compiled and or run under Yocto Linux on the used controller X1000 SOC (X86).
Third-party hardware such as PLCs and sensors from various different brands can be integrated via Ethernet or Serial (via USB adapter) using many available and open protocols including Modbus, Profinet, REST or MQTT. 
The IOT2020 is also compatible with Arduino shields and various programming languages, including high-level languages such as Java, C++ and Python via a range of IDEs that includes Eclipse and compilers for Yocto Linux. It is also expandable via an on-board mPCIe port. Node-Red, MQTT and SQLITE3 can also be used to connect and control local and remote peripherals, such as sensors on a device. 

COM Port Speed 10/100
COM Port Type Ethernet RJ45
System Memory Type DDR3 RAM, SRAM
System Memory Capacity 8 FLASH MB, 256 kB, 512 MB
Brand Siemens
Recently Introduced new products only
COM Portu Sayısı 1
Media Interfaces USB 2.0, USB Host & Client
İşletim Sistemi Arduino, Yocto Linux
Çalışma Sıcaklığı 0 - 50C
On Board I/O Arduino konektörü
Uzatma Arduino, mPCIe
CPU Technology Intel Quark x1000 (x86 400 MHz)
Embedded Features RTC Tamponlu Batarya, LEDler, Güvenlik
Depolama Birimi SD Card
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