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weconSince its founding in 2004 WECO's significant advances in HMI product group deadbolts automation products it has been a company specializing in R & D, as well as from June of 2012 began to develop the PLC product line. Expanding the field of automation with WECO product groups have a say about this activity has been the core technology.

LEVI series of operator panels today, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, widely used in the petroleum industry and other industries. Weco the Far East as the leading manufacturer of industrial automation products have earned the trust of customers, and has been an excellent return for products.

production line following the new technologies, scientific and rigorous quality management system, a simple and effective R & D system, WECO's technical service concept, always higher quality, easier, is making efforts to produce more reliable automation products.

Since its inception the company of young, energetic, highly skilled colleagues in taking the body, the field of automation and technology to collect a batch of product development, to collect a valuable service experiences, all WECO is the key to business success.

WECO's new slogan "to first-class brand in Automation". This slogan is also the common goal of all WECO employees and partners.