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beldenBELDEN, a priority market for media / entertainment, building worldwide with industry and safety as a leading manufacturer of signal transmission solutions sağlayıcısıdır.yüksek performance cables and signal transmission products, BELDEN expertise gerektiren- including wireless technology, electronics and data can fully meet the needs of customers in the networking application state.

The scope of the main bargaining:

Professional media, publishing, entertainment and broadband operations - radio and TV networks, production studios, professional audio system and ensure all requirements of the cable TV market

Industrial networks, instrumentation and control systems - the cabling infrastructure and provide integrated plant operations

Alarm, sound and security systems - Commercial and security equipment installations, fire alarm, turnstiles, access control, CCTV, PTZ camera uses Belden and sound system.

Networking - commercial products, data and multimedia cables, connection cables, structured cabling systems and services, boxes and rack cabinets, surface cable duct systems, accessories, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) covers systems.

Building automation systems and networks - cable networks in various applications in our building, sound system, security, AvMap they, energy management and more used as a multipurpose.

Optical systems and networks - Fibre optic cables are used in high bandwidth and security networking applications in almost all markets.

Electrical equipment, including engines and equipment - Connection and guide wires, as well as multi-conductor cables are used in all engines and electrical connections.

OEM equipments and systems - they are designed specifically for the demands of many OEM markets Belden products.
Wireless communication equipment - Belden cables are also wireless technology; They are used to move to the area of network access point device.

Belden ProductsControl, signal and network cables