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CCTV and Video Control

CCTV, Video surveillance systems are established depending on the operational safety risks and needs. The aim is to avoid the potential risks, the process is to store the images will allow to analyze the follow-up or after the event.


The system architecture of the video surveillance system, the network of parallel analog system to technological developments (IP) is a rapid change towards the system. Today, production or real-time monitoring for security event analysis, remote access, mobile tracking and previous history thanks to these advances in display technology to the assessment of the need to go easily realized.

Identified as special needs field cameras were designed, depending on the security scenario and system center and the client are the main components of the CCTV system. Is continuous, and the desired quality of images to be transmitted from the camera to the center or the client depends on the quality of the infrastructure will be established for the selected CCTV equipment. Therefore, to be put infrastructure is considered as one of the main components of the IP CCTV system in particular.

Video surveillance systems, control switch, depending on the security and management scenario, license plate reading, fire alarm, building automation and so on. integration with the operating system can be made can be managed as a whole.

The products we use in video surveillance systems;

  • Axis video surveillance systems
  • Siemens video surveillance systems
  • Bosch video surveillance systems
  • Panasonic video surveillance systems
  • SeeTec video management software

CCTV Systems Central Equipment


AXIS Camera and Accessories AXIS Camera and Accessories

CCTV Management and Integration Software

Seetec Cayuga CCTV Software Seetec Cayuga CCTV Software

Switch Units

General Documents

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