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Wall-mounted room sensors and operator units for KNX

Wall-mounted room sensors and operator units for KNX


              The wall-mounted room unit QMX3.. consists of:

                  - Base plate

                  - Sensor or room operator unit        

       The following functions are (depending on type):                       

  • Temperature sensor or multisensor (T‚ r.h.‚ CO2)
  • Backlit display or LED display
  • Touchkeys
  • Switching and control of lighting‚ blinds‚ scenes
  • Temperature control‚ adjustable as PWM control and/or modulating control (PID algorithm)‚ for pure heating mode‚ pure cooling mode‚ heating and cooling mode
  • Operating modes switchable via KNX and/or display: Comfort mode‚ Pre-Comfort‚ energy savings and protection mode
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters for radiated heating‚ slow and fast‚ floor heating slow and fast
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • 3 independently adjustable switching values for CO2 concentration and relative air humidity for air quality control
  • Output for 1‚ 2‚ or 3-stage fans (humidity and CO2)
  • Output for 1‚ 2‚ or 3-point positioning signal (humidity and CO2)
  • Setpoint for room temperature and relative humidity and CO2 concentration adjustable via KNX


Measuring range‚ temperature                        0...50 °C

Sensing element‚ temperature                         NTC

Degree of protection                                          IP30

Mounting                                                              Wall-mounting

Dimensions (W x H x D)                                      88,4 x 133,4 x 18 mm

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