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RDU341 (S55770-T106)


Semi Flush-mount room thermostat for rectangular conduit box with KNX communications

Semi Flush-mount room thermostat for rectangular conduit box with KNX

communications‚ for VAV application

Semi Flush-mount room thermostat for VAV application

  • KNX communications
  • Output for a DC 0…10 V actuator and AC 230V electrical heater (ON-OFF)
  • 2 multifunctional inputs for key card contact‚ external room / return air temperature (QAH11.1‚QAA32)‚ heat / cool changeover‚ window contact on/off‚ dewpoint monitor‚ electrical heater enabled‚ fault contact
  • Operating modes: Comfort‚ Economy and Protection
  • Modulating PI control
  • Control depending on the room or the return air temperature
  • Automatic or manual heating/cooling changeover
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
  • Minimum and maximum setpoint limitation
  • Adjustable minimum and maximum limitation for air flow signal DC 0...10V
  • Output signal inversion as an option


Application selectable:

  • Single-duct system
  • Single-duct system with electrical heater


Operating voltage                           AC 24 V

Setpoint setting range                     5...40 C

Analog inputs‚ number                    2

Analog outputs‚ number                  1

Analog output‚ signal                       DC 0...10 V

Analog output‚ current                     Max. ±1 mA

Relay outputs‚ number                    1

Relay outputs                                  N.O. contact, potential-free

Relay output‚ switching voltage      AC 230 V

Relay output‚ switching current      Max. 5 (2) A

Type of fixing                                  Recessed rectangular conduit box BS4662 (ARG71) with fixing

                                                        centres of 60,3 mm

Degree of protection                       IP30

Dimensions (W x H x D)                 86 x 86 x 57 mm

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