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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Gateways OZW772.16 Siemens KNX
OZW772.16 Siemens KNX


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OZW772.16 Siemens KNX

Product Specifications




Web server for 16 Synco devices

Web server for Synco devices

Web server OZW772 allows for remote plant control and monitoring via the web.

  • Operate web browser via PC/laptop and Smartphone
  • Operate ACS (PC/ laptop with ACS plant operating software)
  • Connections: USB and Ethernet
  • Display fault messages in the web browser
  • Send fault messages to a maximum of 4 e-mail recipients
  • Periodically send system reports to e-mail recipients
  • Visualize the plants in the web browser based on standard plant diagrams and customized plant web pages
  • Acquire and display consumption data
  • Send consumption data file to 2 email recipients
  • Function "Energy indicator" to monitor data points for energy-related limit values‚ or "Green limits"
  • Web services for external applications via Web API (Web Application Programming Interface)
  • Encrypted with https and TLS for e-mails
  • Record of trends‚ display and dispatch to 2 e-mail recipients
  • Integration up to 237 S-Mode data points of KNX devices (not OZW772.01)
  • Direct commissioning with web browser or ACS service tool


              Data sheet                                          N5701

              Operating voltage                             Power pack: AC 230 V

                                                                           Web server: DC 24 V

              Communication                                KNX TP1 (wire-Bus)

                                                                           Ethernet, RJ45 plug socket (shielded)

                                                                           USB V2.0 (universal serial bus)

              Mounting                                           On DIN rails

                                                                           With Screws

              Degree of protection                        IP30

              Dimensions (W x H x D)                    87,5 x 90 x 40 mm

Product Documents
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