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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Lighting 5WG1526-1AB02 Siemens KNX
5WG1526-1AB02 Siemens KNX


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5WG1526-1AB02 Siemens KNX

Product Specifications


5WG1526-1AB02(N 526/02)


Switch / dimming actuator‚ triple‚ 230 V AC‚ 50 / 60Hz‚ 6A‚ with integrated constant light level control

Switch / dimming actuator‚ triple‚ 230 V AC‚ 50 / 60Hz‚ 6A‚ with integrated constant

light level control

  • Can be operated per channel as a pure switching/dimming actuator or as a constant light controller in master or slave operation mode
  • 3 switch outputs for the connection of max. 30 electronic ballasts for 2 x 36 W FL/max. 20 electronic ballasts for 1 x 58 W FL or max. 15 electronic ballasts for 2 x 36 W FL/max. 10 electronic ballasts for 2 x 58 W FL
  • 3 control voltage outputs DC 1-10 V for the connection of max. 50 dimmable electronic ballasts
  • 3 inputs for the connection of one brightness sensor GE 255/x each via a 3-core‚ max. 100 m long cable‚ which is also used as a power supply for the sensor electronics
  • Communication objects for sending the measured brightness values
  • Communication objects per actuator channel to control the following operating modes: comfort mode‚ automatic mode and night operation as well as switching‚ dimming and value setting
  • Time-dependent activation of the lighting during night operation (lighting for cleaners)
  • Automatic toggling from automatic to manual operation of the relevant actuator channel when the bus push button is pressed for manual switching and dimming of this channel (constant light control inactive during manual operation)
  • Status objects per channel for switching state or dimming value
  • Integrated power supply unit for AC 230 V‚ 50 Hz to supply the actuator electronics and a green LED for operational display
  • Push button per actuator channel for local switching of the outputs or for starting a calibration of the sensor‚ integrated in the actuator housing and able to function even when the bus cable is not installed and when there is a failure of the bus communication
  • Connection of the 230 V supply voltage and all the outputs/inputs via screw terminals 0.5 ... 4 mm
  • Integrated bus coupling unit‚ bus connection via bus terminal
  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm) 6 MW

Product Documents
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