Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Lighting 5WG1525-2AB31 Siemens KNX universal dimmer UP 525-31 210 VA AC 230 V 50 Hz (R,L,C load) UP 525-31


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5WG1525-2AB31(UP 525/31)


Universal dimmer UP 525/31‚ 210 VA‚ AC 230 V‚ 50 Hz (R‚L‚C load)

Universal dimmer UP 525/31‚ 210 VA‚ AC 230 V‚ 50 Hz (R‚L‚C load)

  • One output for switching and dimming resistive‚ inductive or capacitive loads
  • With semiconductor output for switching and dimming of lamps
  • Rated operational voltage AC 230 V‚ 50/60 Hz
  • Connected load 50...210 VA
  • Settable switching and dimming behaviour
  • Selectable mode of operation (normal mode‚ timer mode)
  • Soft on‚ Soft off
  • Dimming or jumping to a new dimming value
  • Time-delayed switch-off when dimming below a settable dimming value
  • Status objects for switching and dimming value
  • Short-circuit message
  • Message of a load failure
  • Integrated 8-bit scene control
  • Object for blocking the output
  • Configurable brightness value at start and end of a blocking phase
  • Adjustable behaviour of the output after bus voltage recovery
  • 2 binary inputs for potential-free contacts
  • Selectable function of the binary inputs: acting as secondary inputs directly on the switching outputs or acting as independant binary inputs with bus communication
  • Free allocation of the functions switching‚ dimming‚ solar protection control‚ send value and scene control to the inputs
  • Two independent switching objects per input
  • Blocking object for each input
  • Separately selectable behaviour per input at bus voltage recovery
  • Telegram rate limitation for both inputs
  • About 20 cm long wires for connecting phase conductor‚ output‚ inputs and bus
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Enclosed bus terminal for bus connection
  • For installation in a flush-mounting wall or ceiling box with 60 mm diameter


     Dimension (Ø x H)                      53 x 28 mm

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