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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Lighting 5WG1258-2DB11 Siemens KNX
5WG1258-2DB11 Siemens KNX


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5WG1258-2DB11 Siemens KNX

Product Specifications


5WG1258-2DB11(UP 258D11)


Motion detector with brightness sensor

Presence detactors

  • Used as passive infrared detector for indoor ceiling installation
  • Sensing range‚ horizontal 360 °‚ vertical approx. 100°‚ rotating/swiveling sensor head‚ optionally for shading off parts of the sensing range
  • For monitoring an area for presence up to approx. 6 x 3.5 m‚ for a mounting height of 2.8 m (presence detection)‚ motion detection up to 5 x 3.5 m
  • Mixed light measurement‚ measuring range 20...1000 lux
  • Presence detection for three function blocks (presence detector‚ motion detector and HVAC detector)
  • Functions: Switching on/off‚ 8-bit value‚ 16-bit value‚ temperature value‚ brightness value‚ 8-bit scene control
  • Blocking object per function module
  • Adjustable delay time per function module‚ which can be optionally set to a fixed time‚ or two times that can be switched between via bus‚ or set to one value via bus
  • Parallel operation of several presence detectors (master-slave‚ master-master) without logic modules
  • Integrated IR receiver for S 255/11 IR remote control with six pushbutton pairs (see accessories)
  • In the case of individual pushbuttons‚ selectable function per pushbutton: Switching Over‚ Switching On‚ Switching Off‚ call up 8-bit scene‚ 8-bit value‚ 16-bit value‚ temperature value‚ brightness value
  • In the case of pushbutton pairs‚ selectable function Switching on/off‚ switching over/over‚ 2-pushbutton dimming with stop telegram‚ 2-pushbutton sun protection control‚ transmit variable 8-bit value‚ 8-bit scene control
  • Blocking object for IR receiver decoder
  • LED for display of detected motions in test mode
  • Mounting on the ceiling in a flush-mounting device box with 60 mm diameter and at least 40 mm mounting depth‚ or in an AP 258E surface-mounting enclosure‚ which must be ordered separately  see accessories)


     Dimension (Ø x H)                                88 x 63 mm

    Motion detector with brightness sensor

  • Integrated 2-step light control‚ optionally available in fully automatic or semi-automatic version

      3 independent control channels each with 2 start objects and 2 end objects

Product Documents
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