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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Display and Operation Units 5WG1227-2AB11 Siemens KNX Room Control Unit UP227 LCD Display Capacitive Touch Sensors Titanium White
5WG1227-2AB11 Siemens KNX Room Control Unit UP227 LCD Display Capacitive Touch Sensors Titanium White


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5WG1227-2AB11 Siemens KNX Room Control Unit UP227 LCD Display Capacitive Touch Sensors Titanium White

Product Specifications





Room Control Unit

  • Multifunctional display /control panel for KNX with Dot Matrix LCD display 96 x 128 pixels
  • For the display and control of at least 10 adjustable room control functions:
  • Switching toggle/On/Off
  • Door bell function On/Off
  • Dimming
  • Solar protection control
  • Send 1 Byte/2 Byte value
  • Display 1 Bit/1 Byte/2 Byte value
  • Forced control
  • Display text messages
  • Recall and save scenes
  • Warning and alarm messaging
  • 8 capacitive touch buttons for horizontal operation, blocking selectable for each function and configurable  depending on the value of the blocking object
  • Green/red LED as orientation light, as orientation light, as status indication, responds to pressing a button respectively to signalling of alarm reports
  • A signaler for acoustical alarm reports respectively as a status of the touch operation
  • Integrated room temperature sensor
  • Evaluation and weighting of an external inside temperature sensor
  • Room temperature control configurable as two-step control and/or continuous control, for exclusive heating operating, exclusive cooling operation or heating and cooling operation
  • Selectable operating modes over the KNX:
  • Comfort
  • Pre-comfort
  • Energy-savings and protection
  • Local indication
  • Of the active operating modes or automatic- respectively manuel mode
  • Inside temperature or outside temperature
  • Heating or cooling mode
  • Dew point alarm
  • Open windows
  • Local switching between
  • Manuel and automatic mode
  • Comfort, pre-comfort, energy-saving and protection mode
  • Adjustable time-limited extension of the comfort mode
  • Adjustable room temperature setpoint shifting for comfort mode
  • Via KNX set basic setpoint value of the room temperature for comfort mode
  • An outside temperature based temperature setpoint value tracing in the cooling operation
  • Adjustable dead zone between the heating setpoint value and the cooling setpoint value for comfort mode
  • Transmission of controller output(s) either as On/Off switching commands or as control commands in the range 0…100%
  • Local display of the manually selected fan rotational speed respectively of the automatic adjustment of the fan rotational speed
  • Adjustable fan rotational speed respectively automatic adjustment of the fan rotational speed on the controller
  • Weekly schedule programme for controller-operating modes, automatic mode and at the least 8 room control functions
  • At the least 40 schedule tasks and Display and set of the date and time
  • User control of LCD background lighting and Background mode
  • Display system settings and room temperature controller in the languages: German, English, French, Italian or Spanish
  • User setting of at least 3 operating languages also integrated bus coupling unit, bus connection via bus terminal possible
  • Flush mounted device fort he mounting in an flush Wall box 60 mm, for fixing on the mounting plate AQR2500NF via lateral springs (separately specified)

                Dimensions (W x H x D)                            55 x 55 x 37,2 mm

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