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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Gateways 5WG1141-2AB51 Siemens KNX
5WG1141-2AB51 Siemens KNX


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5WG1141-2AB51 Siemens KNX

Product Specifications


5WG1141-2AB51(UP 141/51)


DALI Multisensor office

DALI Multisensor office

  • Used as passive infrared detector for indoor ceiling installation
  • Sensing range‚ horizontal 360 °‚ vertical approx. 80 °
  • For monitoring an area with a diameter of approx. 4 m to approx. 7 m (depending on mounting and room height)
  • LED on sensor head for display
  • Used as brightness sensor
  • ConeDshaped detection area‚ opening angle 90 °
  • Measuring range 20 to 1000 lx
  • Integrated DALI bus coupling unit for communicating with a central DALI controller
  • Power supply through DALI line with 5 mA DALI bus load
  • Plug-in terminals for connecting the DALI line
  • For installation in suspended ceilings


                Dimensions (Ø x H)                           40 x 19 mm

Product Documents
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