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Lighting Automation > KNX (EIB) Gateways 5WG1141-1AB31 Siemens KNX
5WG1141-1AB31 Siemens KNX


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5WG1141-1AB31 Siemens KNX

Product Specifications


5WG1141-1AB31(N 141/31)


KNX / DALI Gateway Twin

KNX / DALI Gateway Twin

  • Communication via KNX EIB with electronic ballasts (ECG) with a DALI interface
  • Two (2) DALI output acc. to IEC 60929‚ each for communication with up to 64 DALI ballasts and at least 10 sensors
  • Integrated power supply with input voltage 110...240 V AC‚ 50...60 Hz or 120...240 V DC for powering the gateway electronics and DALI output
  • Maximum DALI output voltage of 19 V‚ short circuit resistant
  • Incorrect voltage detection during commissioning‚ whether incorrect power line is connected to a DALI output
  • LC display for displaying operation mode and error messages
  • Pushbutton for switching between bus and direct operating mode
  • One pair of push buttons for switching On/Off of all connected DALI ballasts
  • One LED per DALI output for status signal of all connected luminaries in direct mode
  • Configurable assignment of max. 128 DALI ECG to max. 32 DALI groups‚ exclusive controlled in groups (switching‚ dimming‚ set dimming value) and feedback for group status and lamp failure
  • Configurable behaviour for bus failure (stand-alone mode)
  • Control (switching‚ dimming‚ set dimming value) of all connected luminaries together in broad-cast mode
  • Status signal and display of lamp and ECG failure per group and per DALI device
  • Possibility to reintegrate defective DALI ECG without software
  • One or two level timer
  • Integrated scene control for up to 32 scenes
  • 16 integrated 2-level-controller for brightness control
  • Assignment of DALI ECG to groups and test option for ECG‚ groups and scenes via ETS during commissioning
  • Assignment of DALI sensors and test option of sensors via ETS during commissioning
  • Integrated bus coupling unit with only half a standard bus load‚ bus connection via bus terminal
  • Mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7.5


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)                 4 MW

Product Documents
5WG1141-1AB3130.10.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceCheck Out
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