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Line Detection Module


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Product Specifications

Plug-in PCB board to ETHERNET AUDIO DATA MODULE for 4 loudspeaker circuits (Spider 44/Spider 04). Suitable for „End of Line“ monitoring procedure and simultaneous impedance measurement during operation (music programme).

Reliable detection of earth fault, short circuit and interruption and impedance deviations greater than 10%. Impedance measurement during programme playback is enabled, based on an ongoing FFT analysis of the audio signal with a powerful on-board DSP. Error messages are output within 500ms. When a disconnection is detected, the end-of-line can be hooked up automatically with the on-board relays for power in order to continue supplying the disconnected loudspeakers via the other cable end. All connections on screw/plug-in terminals.

For more information, please refer to the Spider 44/04 Manual.

Product Documents
Line Detection Module datasheet01.03.2016 - 1 MbEnglishDownload
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