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Firefighters Call Station


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Product Specifications

• Alarm call station with housing and operating panel according to standard

• Full-fl edged ITEC-NET system component, network device

• Up to 4000 devices can work simultaneously together in a network

• Ethernet-based multi-channel PA system for alarming, evacuation, music and broadcasting

• Simultaneous transmission of up to 64 digital audio channels in studio quality (48 kHz / 24 bit)

• Real-time confi guration with ITEC-NET - NET-DESIGN: Allows system confi guration changes during normal operation of the system

• Real-time audio transmission: Constant latency of 4.6 ms analog-in/analog-out

• Dynamic hand-held microphone

• Microphone and line monitoring

• Integrated 2 GB memory card for alarm texts and music fi les. Recording Capacity 256 fi les, total time about 3 hours!

• 24VDC power for supply using EN54-4-certifi ed energy supply equipment.

• System certifi ed according to EN 54-16: EC conformity certifi cate no. 1293-CPR-0403

Product Documents
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