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AVC-Monitoring SMD


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Product Specifications

ITEC AVC-MONITORING SMD is a module for the monitoring of up to four microphone lines (specially designed for the use with the ITEC AVC-MIC). Besides of the monitoring of microphone cables (for short circuit and open circuit), the summation of up to four microphone signals is possible. The summary of up to 4 microphones distributed over an area will then become the result for the ambient noise.

  • Open Frame module for installation in the system cabinet
  • Easy installation, prepared for DIN-rail 35 mm
  • All connections on plug terminal blocks
  • Collective fault relay contact (fault / OK)
  • Suitable for both mic level and line level
  • Monitoring / summing up to four microphones
  • Provides the connected microphones with phantom voltage 12V
  • Exclusion of non-active lines by jumpers
Product Documents
AVC-Monitoring SMD datasheet29.02.2016 - 1 MbEnglishDownload
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