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5WG1562-1AB21 Siemens KNX switch actuator submodule 10 AX C load Load-check N 562-21


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5WG1562-1AB21(N 562/21)


Switch actuator‚ submodule‚ 3 x AC 230/400 V‚ 10 AX‚ C load‚ Load-check

Switch actuator, submodule

  • 3 Floating relay contacts
  • Rated contact voltage‚ 230 V AC
  • Interface for connecting a switching actuator submodule and software for controlling up to 4 switching actuator submodules
  • Selectable 3-phase switching function (simultaneous switching of 3 outputs)
  • Direct operation (local operation via main module)
  • LED for indicating direct operation for each output via main module
  • Selectable 1- to 3-stage fan speed control function
  • Function for controlling thermo-electrical drives
  • Integrated 8-bit scene control
  • Time functions: off delay‚ on delay‚ timer mode (automatic stairwell switch)‚ night mode (lighting for cleaning)‚ Warning of impending off
  • Logical functions: Positively driven operation‚ Logic function (2 objects)‚ Can be inverted per output (NO contact/NC contact)
  • Per channel: transmitting status‚ Operating hours counter with limit monitoring‚ Switching cycle counter with limit monitoring‚ Load current recording‚ Load current monitoring
  • Power supply for its own electronics and for the electronics of the connected switching actuator submodules via the bus voltage
  • Bus connection via bus terminal


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm) 3 MW

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