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S55720-S204 Siemens KNX


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S55720-S204 Siemens KNX

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UK (British Standard)

Base module with KNX for temperature and humidity measurement

  • The room sensor for flush mounting consists of a base - and front modüle
  • Temperature control as continuous control (PID algorithm) for pure heating operation‚ heating and cooling operation‚ and adjustable control value as continuous control value 0…100%‚ or as pulsewidth modulated (PWM) switching signal On/Off
  • Ventilation control across 3 settable switching points for relative humidity‚ and 3 switching signal objects On/Off‚ or one control value object 0…100% to control a ventilation actuator
  • Setpoints for room temperature and relative humidity adjustable via KNX bus
  • 1 analog input to connect temperature sensors with NTC 10k sensing element to measure room‚ floor‚ or ceiling temperature
  • 2 multi-functional binary inputs to control window contacts or switches for blinds and/or lighting control
  • Settable commissioning and control parameters
  • Power supply via KNX-bus‚ bus load < 5 Ma
  • Integrated bus coupler with programming button and LED


 Voltage supply                                   KNX bus

Analog inputs                                      Passive temperature sensor NTC 10k

Analog inputs‚ number                      1

Digital inputs                                       Potential-free contacts

Digital inputs‚ number                      2

Connection‚ electrical                       Bus connection: spring terminal sensor inputs: 4 screw terminals                                                                 

Dimensions (W x H)                           83 x 83 mm

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