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5WG1360-1AB01(N 360-01)


Peak load limiter

Peak load limiter

  • For peak load limitation in plants with tariff-based power measurement
  • Value of an energy pulse configurable in watt hours
  • Configurable peak load limit of 30...1000 kW‚ with configurable warning limit of 25...1000 Kw
  • Configurable measuring period of 15‚ 30 or 60 minutes for the calculation of the power mean value
  • Configurable cycle time of 15‚ 30‚ 60‚ 120 or 240 seconds for the load extrapolation interval
  • Value of pulse 10...20000 W/h
  • Up to 120 loads assignable to peak load limitation
  • State monitoring and switching of loads via KNX
  • With parameters assignable per load
  • Power consumption of the load
  • Turn-off priority (1...10)
  • Release/locking of load
  • Minimum make time
  • Minimum break time
  • Maximum break time
  • Number of permissible switching cycles in 24 h
  • Transmission of extrapolation data via KNX after each extrapolation
  • Transmission of statistics data via KNX at the end of each measuring period
  • 3 LEDs for display of availability (operating voltage)‚ of an impending exceeding of the maximum value and of a missing synchronization pulse
  • 5 LEDs for display of the current time interval within the measuring interval
  • 8 LEDs for displaying the status of the first 8 loads
  • Inputs for connection of energy pulses generated by utility company counters and for connection of synchronous pulses and high/low-tariff contacts
  • Electronics powered via an integrated power supply unit for AC 230 V
  • Date and time required via bus
  • Integrated bus coupling units
  • Bus connection via bus terminal and contact system to data rail
  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail


               Dimensions width (1 MW – 18 mm)                            4 MW

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5WG1360-1AB0110.11.2015 - 1 Mbİngilizceİndir
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