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5WG1116-2AB11(UP 116/11)


DELTA bus coupling unit‚ double intermediate position‚ with 2 LEDs

DELTA Bus coupling unit

  • For installation in flush-mounting switch and socket boxes with diameter = 60 mm‚ for Screw fixing and prepared for Claw fixing
  • LED per pushbutton pair for status indication or configurable as orientation light
  • Mounting of rockers from the DELTA product ranges
  • Integrated bus coupling units‚ bus connection via bus terminal


                Dimensions(W x H x D)                          71 x 71 x 32

DELTA bus coupling unit‚ double‚ intermediate position‚ with 2 LEDs

  • Two Rocker button‚ intermediate position (pushbutton with 1 operating points)
  • The following functions can be assigned per operating point as required:
  • Switching on/off/over
  • Dimming with stop telegram (4-bit) Short button press‚ on/off Long button press‚ brighter/darker
  • Dimming with cyclic transmission (4-bit) Short button press‚ on/off Long button press‚ brighter/darker
  • Shutter/blind control Short button press‚ slat open/closed or stop Long button press‚ up/down
  • Store and call up scene‚ 1-bit in conjunction with scene modüle
  • Short or long button press (store/call up scene)‚ configurable

              The required single or multiple rocker (with or without window) must be ordered separately.

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5WG1116-2AB1110.11.2015 - 1 Mbİngilizceİndir
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