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5WG1526-1EB02 Siemens KNX


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5WG1526-1EB02 Siemens KNX

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5WG1526-1EB02(N 526E02)


Switch/dimming actuator, 8 x AC 230 V, 16 A, 1…10 V, UL standard

Switch/dimming actuator, 8 x AC 230 V, 16 A, 1…10 V, UL standard

  • For switching and dimming of eight mutually independent groups (channels) of fluorescent lamps with dimmable electronic control gear (ECG)
  • 8 control voltage outputs 1...10 V DC
  • Control power min. 60 OSRAM ECG dynamic each
  • 8 switching outputs (relay contacts) for 230 V AC‚ 50/60 Hz‚ 16 A at p.f. = 1
  • Each of them for connection of min. 30 OSRAM ECG dynamic for 58 W fluorescent lamps
  • Slide switch per relay output for manual operation and switch position indication
  • Selection between identical or individual configuration of all channels
  • Command objects for each actuator channel for switching on/off‚ dimming brighter/darker and set/value
  • One 1-bit and one 8-bit-status object (switching state and dimming value) per output
  • Per channel configurable time-limited activation of the lighting during night mode (base lighting)
  • Warning 30 seconds prior to imminent switch off by dimming to 50 % of the previous dimming value for each channel with time-limited operation
  • Switching on or off of a channel by dimming brighter/darker
  • Configurable dimming value upon switching on
  • Jumping or dimming to a new dimming value
  • Configurable dimming time from 0...100%
  • Integrated 8 bit scene control and assignment of each output to up to 8 scenes
  • Transmission of status objects on request‚ cyclically and/or automatically after changes
  • Configurable behaviour on bus voltage failure and recovery
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling unit‚ bus connection via bus terminal or contact system to data rail
  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm) 8 MW

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5WG1526-1EB0221.10.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceGörüntüle
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