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5WG1525-2AB03 Siemens KNX


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5WG1525-2AB03 Siemens KNX

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5WG1525-2AB03(N 525/03)


Universal Dimmer, 1 x 230 V AC, 10...250 VA, with mounting frame and BTI interface

Universal Dimmer‚ (R‚L‚C load)

  • One output for switching and dimming resistive‚ inductive or capacitive loads
  • Automatic adjustment to leading edge or trailing edge control‚ depending on the type of load
  • Rated operational voltage 230 V AC
  • Rated frequency 50...60 Hz
  • Rated power at +35°C ambient temperature: 10…250 VA
  • Electronic protection of the output against overload‚ short circuit and temperature rise
  • Reporting of overload‚ short circuit and temperature rise via the bus
  • Screwless terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core‚ stranded or multicore conductors‚ 0.5...2.5mm²
  • Selectable mode for each output (normal mode‚ one- or two-level timer mode‚ blinking)
  • Adjustable on- and off-delay
  • Separately adjustable dimming time from 0% to 100% for switching on / off and dimming brighter / darker
  • Two dimming value objects‚ each with individually adjustable dimming time from 0...100%
  • The ability to switch an output on or off by dimming brighter / darker
  • Adjustable dimming value when switching on
  • Immediate activation (jumping) or dimming to a new dimming value
  • Selectable additional status object switching and / or status object dimming value for each output
  • Additional object for each output for blocking / releasing the output
  • Sending of status objects on request and / or automatically after a change
  • Adjustable blocking time for sending status objects after restart and bus voltage recovery
  • Adjustable dimming value for each output in the event of bus voltage failure and recovery‚ as well as for mains voltage recovery
  • Additional night mode object for time-limited switching on the output (and hence illumination) at night
  • Adjustable on period at night or with timer mode
  • Selectable warning of imminent switching off the illumination by dimming to 50% of the previous dimming value during night mode or timer mode
  • Integrated 8-bit scene control and integration of each output in up to 8 scenes
  • Separately adjustable dimming time for scene control
  • Selectable counting of operating hours and with threshold monitoring of the operating hours
  • Selectable counting of load cycles and with threshold monitoring of the load cycles
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling units‚ Bus connection via bus terminal
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