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5WG1525-1EB01 Siemens KNX


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5WG1525-1EB01 Siemens KNX

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5WG1525-1EB01(N 525E01)


Switch/dimming actuator, 8 x DALI, 8 ECGs per DALI output

Switch/dimming actuator, 8 x DALI, 8 ECGs per DALI output

  • 8 DALI outputs
  • Control capacity for up to 8 DALI-ECGs per DALI output
  • Power supplied to the electronics and the DALI outputs through an integrated power supply unit for 230 V AC
  • Green LED for status display
  • Pushbutton for selecting and switching over 4 DALI outputs respectively between bus and direct mode
  • Yellow LED for indicating which 4 DALI outputs the direct mode is activated for
  • 1 red LED per DALI output for indicating the circuit state or fault (e.g. lighting medium failure) of the connected group
  • Four pushbutton pairs for switching and dimming of 4 DALI outputs in direct mode‚ functional when 230 V AC is applied (also when no bus voltage is connected and also when bus communication has not yet been started or is interrupted)
  • Selection of identical or individual configuration of all DALI outputs
  • Selectable operating mode per DALI output (normal mode‚ 1-level or 2-level time-switch mode)
  • Per DALI output with command objects for switching on/off‚ dimming brighter/darker and setting dimming value
  • Per DALI output optionally with up to 4 add-on status objects (circuit state and lighting medium failure‚ dimming value status and DALI status)
  • Sending of status objects on request and/or automatically after change
  • Per DALI output with add-on object for time-limited switching on of lighting in night mode (cleaning light)
  • Warning approx. 1 minute before imminent switching off‚ by dimming to 50 % of former dimming value in night or timer mode
  • Adjustable switching on and/or off of a channel through dimming brighter/darker‚ dimming value when switching on‚ actuating or dimming a new dimming value‚ dimming time from 0% to 100%
  • Adjustable behavior on bus voltage or mains voltage failure and bus voltage or mains voltage recovery
  • Add-on object and integrated 8bit scene control for saving and restoring up to 16 scenes per DALI output
  • Integrated bus coupling unit as only half standard bus load
  • Bus connection through bus terminal as well as contact system to data rail
  • Device for mounting on rail TH35 DIN EN 60715


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm) 4 MW

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