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5WG1522-1AB03 Siemens KNX


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5WG1522-1AB03 Siemens KNX

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5WG1522-1AB03(N 522/03)


Venetian blind actuator‚ 4 x AC 230 V‚ 8 A‚ with limit position detection and sunlight tracking

Venetian blind actuator‚ 4 x AC 230 V‚ 8 A‚ with limit position detection and

sunlight tracking

  • For the separate control per actuator channel of a sun protection‚ damper‚ door or window drive with a motor for AC 230 V and electromechanical or electronic limit switches
  • Integrated electronics for detection of the actuation of an electromechanical limit switch and with auto-calibration of the travel time from one limit switch to the other
  • Electrically interlocked relays to reverse the direction of rotation
  • Relay contacts rated for nominal voltage AC 230 V‚ 8 A (resistive load)
  • Configuration by the user whether all actuator channels are to be identically or individually parameterized
  • Communication objects per actuator channel for moving the sun protection to the limit positions or to stop travel and for step-by-step adjustment of the blind slats
  • Communication objects for moving the sun protection and adjusting the blind slats directly to a new position (as precisely as drive mechanics permit) by positioning commands as percentage values
  • Automatic opening of blind slats up to a set position after the blinds have been lowered without any stop from the upper to the lower limit position
  • Integrated 1-bit scene control for save and recall of 2 favored positions of blind and slats
  • Integrated 8-bit scene control and assignment of up to 8 scenes per channel
  • Optional object “Sunshine” for activation / deactivation of sunlight tracking of the slats for shading with greatest possible daylight component
  • Differentiation between automatic and manual mode and with automatic switchover from automatic to manual mode of the respective actuator channel on activation of a bus pushbutton for manual control of the sun blind
  • Priority of manual mode over automatic positioning commands
  • Alarm object per device or per channel for moving the sun protection to the configured safety position in the event of a wind alarm e.g. and with blocking of travel to another position as long as alarm pending
  • Travel blocking object per device or per channel for blocking the sun protection in its current position (needed during cleaning of an outdoor Venetian blind e.g.)
  • Status objects per actuator channel for query or automatic transmission of sun blind and slat position as percentage value
  • Electronics powered via an integrated power supply unit for AC 230 V
  • Green LED for displaying the 230 V operating voltage
  • Pushbutton for switchover between bus mode and direct mode
  • Yellow LED for display of activated direct mode
  • Two pushbuttons each per actuator channel for drive control in direct mode
  • Integrated in the actuator housing and operational if the actuator is supplied with AC 230 V (even if bus voltage missing or communication not operational)
  • Integrated bus coupling unit with only half a standard bus load
  • Bus connection via bus terminal or contact system to data rail
  • Modular installation devices for mounting on TH35 EN 60715 mounting rail


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)               6 MW

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