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5WG1255-4AB11 Siemens KNX


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5WG1255-4AB11 Siemens KNX

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5WG1255-4AB11(UP 255/11)



Brightness controller

  • For measuring the brightness on an illuminated work area through measurement of the reflected light
  • Measuring range 0...2000 lux (with a reflectance of the illuminated area of approx. 30%)
  • Including two rigid optical fiber rods:
  • Parallel light-sensitive surface for mounting surface
  • Inclined (30°) light-sensitive surface for mounting surface
  • Integrated infrared receiver for calibration of the brightness measurement via the S 255 infrared remote calibration tool
  • Transmission of the brightness measured value‚ either in the event of change and/or cyclically
  • Discretionary set-point as a parameter or a communication object
  • Optional two-step dimmer control for lights that can only be switched or constant light level control for lights that can be switched and dimmed
  • Selectable starting value of the lighting at the start of constant light level control
  • Optionally with dimming of up to 4 further lighting groups to the dimming value of the constant light level control or a dimming value that differs from the dimming value of the constant light level controller by an offset value‚ which can be set per group
  • The constant light level control is automatically deactivated by manually dimming‚ or by dimming to a preset value
  • Configurable behavior in the event of a bus voltage recovery


                Dimension (Ø x H)                           75 x 20 mm

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5WG1255-4AB1105.11.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceGörüntüle
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