Automation Systems > Industrial PC 15inc Industrial Pc WPC-150403A

Brand: WECON

Product Tags : Industrial PC, Industrial Computer

Product Specifications

Dacel Engineering, the most experienced company in Turkey for Industrial Informatics, offers the advantages of providing all your needs from a single point. Most of the technical specifications of an IPC ( industrial PC ) and a desktop computer are basically the same. Microprocessor and RAM type, storage media, interface ports, performance, etc. However, the most important feature of industrial PCs is that they are designed for use in demanding environments, such as manufacturing plants.


It is mostly used in the following applications for use in all kinds of applications.

  • Evaluation for data collection, statistical process control and automatic machine equipment control applications
  • Stand-alone or network controller for data collection applications
  • Process equipment, motion control
  • Production, cell controllers
  • General automation and factory applications
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