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Brand: WECON

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Product Specifications

Dacel Engineering, the most experienced company in Turkey for Industrial Informatics, offers the advantages of providing all your needs from a single point. Most of the technical specifications of an IPC ( industrial PC ) and a desktop computer are basically the same. Microprocessor and RAM type, storage media, interface ports, performance, etc. However, the most important feature of industrial PCs is that they are designed for use in demanding environments, such as manufacturing plants.


It is mostly used in the following applications for use in all kinds of applications.

  • Evaluation for data collection, statistical process control and automatic machine equipment control applications
  • Stand-alone or network controller for data collection applications
  • Process equipment, motion control
  • Production, cell controllers
  • General automation and factory applications

Wecon 10inch Industrial Computer (industrial Pc) Technical Specifications

  • Intel BayTrail J1900 4-Core processor, 178C full-view LED display, high resolution.
  • The shell is matte and smooth steel sheet is made more beautiful and more stable.
  • USB3.0 supports two 1000MB Ethernetnetwork support depending on the request of WIFI.
  • Dust proof and oil proof Resistive touchscreen is more than 30 million times the life span.
  • Delivery is powered by a supported power, uninterruptedrunning 24 hours of support. All capacitors are solid state
  • Stainless steel power switch, aviation plug for power supply connection.
  • A lot of installation ways: Embedded, VESA console, Wall Dryers, Desktop stand. There is a carrier for a table top and a number of metal buckles for embedded mounting (4 pieces)
  • 2-channel Built-in speaker.
  • WPC can be applied in industrial automation, manufacturing, intelligent equipment, human-machine interfaces.
  • VGA and HDMI output
  • SSD supports solid disk.
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