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Lumberg Automation

Lumberg Automation


Automation technologies are changing. Detection, control and monitoring. Automation also requires intelligent networking in sensors and actuators, control systems - that's the world of Lumberg Automation.

Since the early 1980s, Lumberg has been a symbol for quality connectors and cabling equipment in all areas of industrial automation technologies. This structure, which allows direct use in the field, offers superior product characteristics even in difficult environmental conditions.

Lumberg offers complete wiring solutions from automotive to material handling to the food industry with a wide range of industrial engineering and manufacturing systems.

Lumberg ™ products provide intelligent wiring solutions such as electronic field bus components and connector and distribution box systems for all industrial automation technology applications and complete wiring concepts for a wide range of industries such as mechanical engineering and manufacturing systems. Lumberg ™ products have excellent compact design, chemical resistance and high mechanical and electrical loading capacity. From single and double-ended cordsets to central or decentralized field bus components, the Lumberg ™ range offers ideal solutions.

Lumberg Automation Products