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Access Control Systems

Control System businesses determined by the scope and needs of their own safety perception systems that are required to be made in terms of inputs and outputs.

control system

Access control systems are finding application in a wide range of industrial facilities to residential. Purpose done in a controlled manner and ensure that all inputs and outputs of each process are recorded and monitored. Users are only able to log in to the point where it is authorized and permitted time. Access control system operating on the ground will also integrated with other fire and security systems by senior management in the business of security is provided.

Access control systems, small businesses find the application in the complex and geographically dispersed enterprise up to all kinds of businesses. Operating costs are also reduced significantly due to the central government

The products we use in access control systems;

  • Lenel (UTC) access control systems
  • Siemens access control systems


Access Control Central Equipment

Access Control Field Equipment

Access Control Management Software

Access Control Integration Products