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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems > Detectors Siemens Cerberus PRO OOH740-OOHC740 ASA Detectors
Siemens Cerberus PRO OOH740-OOHC740 ASA Detectors


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Siemens Cerberus PRO OOH740-OOHC740 ASA Detectors

Product Specifications
  • Reliable detection in developing fire
  • High immunity against deceptive factors
  • Redundant sensor applications
  • Signal processing technology with ASA
  • Event-controlled detection behavior
  • Smoke detectors in OOHC740, which consists of heat and gas analysis 3x assessment
  • All produces very fast response fire karbonmomoksit
Ürün Kodu Açıklama
OOH740 OOH740 Multi-sensor smoke detector, ASA
OOHC740 OOHC740 Neuronal fire detector
Product Documents
OOH740-OOHC740 ASA Detectors12.08.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceCheck Out
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