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Product Specifications
  • Linear heat detector with fast accurate identification of the location of the fire detection and fire sources
  • Alarm and pre-alarm for each zone
  • Selectable alarm and pre-alarm criteria
  • OFDMA-based signal processing technology (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry)
  • 1000 freely programmable zones for each channel
  • 10 m / s wind speeds of up to compliance
  • Determining the direction of development of the fire
  • Redundant detection system facilities
Product Documents
Controller Datasheet DE-TECT-LHD312.08.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
Sensor Cable Fast Response FRNC Stainless Steel12.08.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
Sensor Cable Metal Free FRNC12.08.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceDownload
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