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5WG1220-2AB21 Siemens KNX pushbutton interface 2 x potential free contact output for LED control UP 220-21


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Product Specifications


5WG1220-2AB21(UP 220/21)


Pushbutton interface‚ 2 x potential-free contact‚ output for LED control

Pushbutton interface

  • Inputs / outputs each configurable for potential-free contacts or for control of an LED
  • Generation of the sensing voltage for potential-free contacts
  • For inserting into flush-mounting switch and socket boxes with Ø = 60 mm
  • Inputs max. 10 m cable length‚ unshielded‚ twisted
  • Input functions: Locking of inputs using blocking objects‚ Adjustable duration of long button press‚ Configurable contact type (NO contact/NC contact)
  • Transmission parameters: Adjustable cyclic transmission‚ Configurable transmission in the event of bus voltage recovery
  • Short/long button press can be evaluated
  • Switching on/off/toggle
  • Value transmission 8 Bit‚ 16 Bit
  • Single button dimming
  • 2-pushbutton dimming with stop telegram (4 bit)
  • 1-/2-pushbutton shutter/blind control
  • Szene store and call up scene: 8 Bit‚ in conjunction with scene module 1 Bit
  • Pulse counting with/without limit value monitoring (8 bit‚ 16 bit‚ 32 bit)
  • 1-pushbutton group control
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Integrated bus coupling unit‚ bus connection via bus terminal


     Dimensions (W x H x D)                            42 x 42 x 8,5 mm

Product Documents
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