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DAC-EL Engineering Ltd. Sti the foundations laid in 1995 and is constantly evolving, in a self-renewing structure of modern technology has continued its activities as one of the serious followers.

Industrial, building and transport, which increases with each passing year experience in automation matters to you, our company is also expanding its range of products quickly and aims to provide a better quality service.

DACEL Engineering, industrial control and automation products, sales and service in a wide range of products and a support offering high quality solutions at competitive prices and suppliers adresidir.dacel competitive automation components offered as value-added sales and projects with machine builders realized indispensable industrial facilities and systems integrators has come to address the position .

Our fundamental goal; our customers to provide solutions covering the entire automation pyramid, the product group of companies we carry out the representation; factory and sensors for process automation and transducers, light curtains and safety relays for machine safety, HMI operator panels, machine vision (image processing) products, industrial Ethernet, wireless networking, media converter for fiber optic communication and image transmission, industrial connectors, control and consists of the control equipment.

We are trying to conceptualize the practice of engineering in our sales and marketing activities in a process of initiation to both rigor in projects carried out in our group sağlıyor.proj allows you to be notified of new technologies for detailed product demo of our solutions to your and practice problems with our customers to visit the document management transfer which case, as in-house as well as also for corporate customers training presentations of our güncelliyoruz.endüstriyel continuously supporting with information we obtain from our representatives abroad, Building and Security Systems our company, which increases the experience each year in the fields of automation, which can quickly respond to the needs of its customers by providing products and services that exceed their expectations, to contribute to their success has a service approach that pursues the .

DAC-EL Engineering Co., Ltd specialized in-house sales representatives and technical team has grown to provide fast and accurate service to you.

Our company is a member of the Association of Industrial Automation Industries, part to contribute to the country's industry is ready to fulfill all obligations.