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Variable-frequency AC motor drive output cables are subject to harsh operating environments characterized by high voltage spikes, high noise levels and adverse environmental conditions.

As the original developer of high quality VFD cable, Belden provides superior electrical performance and reliability, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

VFD Application Challenges

Variable frequency drive (VFD) cables carry power from AC drive systems to AC motors. As a result, these cables must handle not only overall high power signals, but also the extremely high voltage which can occur when standing waves develop on the conductors.

The main challenges of VFD applications include:


 Noise / Common Mode Current (CMC)

- Current leaves cable and returns to the drive through unwanted ground paths such as the enclosure.

 Capacitive Coupling (Cable Charging)

- Current reduced from motor to drive as unwanted current leaves certain conductors and may be induced onto other conductors.

 Reflected Wave Voltage

- High voltage electrical pulses which break down insulation.

 System Reliability & Safety

Belden Classics - VFD Cables 600 V UL 1277 TC-ER
Belden Classics - 2kV VFD Cables 2000V UL 1277 TC-ER
Belden MCM VFD Cables