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With the advancement of technology, the automation sector gains more value and tries to produce more innovations in order to keep up with technology. HMI Systems are also the basis of these production stages. HMI, known as "Human-Machine Interface", has become the favorite of the "Industrial Automation" company with names such as "touch panel", "operator panel". In the sector, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller, Programmable Controller) can be found as a unit when combined between the realized automation system and the user. In short, we can say that the future of the industry is in the hands of HMI technology.

hmi touch panel

hmi touch panel

HMI systems have many uses. It is used in almost all industrial companies to interact with machines and improve their industrial processes. We can list the main usage areas of HMI screens as follows:

· Energy

· Oil and gas

· Production

· Food and Drink

· Power

· Recycling

· Water and waste water

The construction of HMI touch panels can be listed as follows:

· The graphical interface is user-friendly. The graphical interface has color coding for easy status diagnosis.

· Pictures and icons help the user understand situations quickly.

· Along with reducing the production costs in the areas used; It has the potential to increase the level of profits.

· It eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard.


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