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5WG1257-3AB32 Siemens KNX


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5WG1257-3AB32 Siemens KNX

Ürün Spesifikasyonları


5WG1257-3AB32(AP 275/32)


Weather station WS1 (GPS)

Weather-/sun station

  • Receiver for GPS time signal
  • Input the assembly location by selecting country and city or by stating the GPS longitude/latitude coordinates
  • Transmission and receipt of date and time over bus
  • Transmission of all measured values via bus
  • Functions:
  • Monitoring of all measured values up to 3 limit values each
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Sunlight tracking control
  • Shadow outline tracking
  • Central command for activation/deactivation of sun protection at the start and end of sunshine
  • 4 AND operations
  • 4 OR operations
  • 8 OR operations for alarm/fault indications
  • Blocking function for window cleaning tasks
  • Safety/alarm objects
  • LED for the display of GPS reception
  • Heated sensor for measuring wind speed without mechanically moved parts‚ measuring range at least 0...35 m/s
  • Brightness sensor‚ measuring range min. 0...150 klx
  • Dusk detection‚ measuring range min. 0...1000 lx
  • Outdoor temperature sensor‚ measuring range min. -35...+80 °C
  • Integrated bus coupling units
  • Bus connection via bus terminal


     Dimensions (W x H x D)               96 x 77 x 118 mm

     The 4AC2402 electronic power pack is recommended for the power supply.

Ürün Dökümanları
5WG1257-3AB3226.10.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceGörüntüle
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