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5WG1143-1AB01 Siemens KNX


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5WG1143-1AB01 Siemens KNX

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5WG1143-1AB01(N 143/01)


IP Gateway KNX-BACnet

IP Gateway KNX-BACnet

  • BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC) as Gateway between KNX TP and BACnet IP
  • Up to 250 BACnet objects
  • Up to 455 BACnet COV subscriptions
  • Automatic translation of KNX communication objects into BACnet objects according to the configuration with ETS
  • For communication between KNX EIB devices and PCs or other devices with Ethernet (10BaseT) interface‚ as well as in conjunction with a LAN modem or DSL router for remote access to an KNX EIB installation
  • For use as an interface e.g. for ETS3 or for visualization software
  • Use the KNXnet/IP protocol
  • Up to four KNXnet/IP Tunneling connections for parallel bus access by ETS and further PC software
  • ObjectServer connection for visualization via network connections with long signal transmission duration
  • Assignment of the network parameters by the installer using ETS‚ or automatically by a DHCP server in the network
  • 2 LEDs for display of operational availability and IP communication
  • Additional power supply by an external safety extra low voltage power supply for DC 24 V
  • Pluggable terminal block for connection of external power supply unit (not included)
  • Integrated bus coupling unit with bus connection via bus terminal
  • Ethernet connection via RJ45 socket
  • Mounting on DIN rail EN 60715-TH35-7,5


     Dimension width (1 MW = 18 mm)                             4 MW

Ürün Dökümanları
5WG1143-1AB0130.10.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceGörüntüle
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