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UP Uzaktan Kontrol Paneli


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The ITECNET UP Remote Control Panel covers several areas of application. Main focus in the development process was the easy to use and clearly arranged grafical user interface, which covers many features. Depending on the application you want to use the panel, you are able to connect to a Spider44 or Multi/PowerMix.

In conbination with a Spider44, you have the ability to control the volume and the network channel of an output zone.

As Interface into the ITECNET, a RS485 bussystem is used, which is connected to a Spider44. Each Spider is able to control up to 16 Modules. Configuration is done with the Software NETDESIGN.

If you connect the Panel with a Multi/PowerMix, you are able to control the Volume, switch between presets and route an audio input signal (CD player, tuner)to an audio output.

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