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CAT5 Tekrarlayıcı


Ürün Etiketleri: CAT5 Tekrarlayıcı, Novigo

Ürün Spesifikasyonları
  • ITEC-NET is an audio network which is based on the IEE-802.3 Ethernet standards. Therefore, you can use existing network structures as well as all commercial components, such as network switches.
  • The ITEC-NET CAT5 Repeater ensures that the entire network can be built using components providing equal reliability, longevity and robustness. The availability of structurally identical components and spare parts must be ensured for many years, which applies to network switches just as to all other ITEC-NET components. This enables us to always meet the requirements for EN 54-16 certification.
  • 24VDC power for supply using EN54-4-certified energy supply equipment.
  • System certified according to EN 54-16: EC conformity certificate no. 1293-CPR-0403
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