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AXIS Kamera ve Aksesuarları
Axis Q16 Serisi
Axis Q16 Serisi

Marka: AXIS

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Axis Q16 Serisi

Ürün Spesifikasyonları
  • Outstanding light-sensitivity: Lightfinder, WDR-Dynamic Capture and WDR-Forensic Capture
  • CS-mount lens
  • Multiple H.264 video streams
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Outdoor-ready models with Arctic Temperature Control

Fixed network cameras for variable lighting

AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series comprises of indoor and outdoor-ready fixed cameras that deliver outstanding image quality in demanding video surveillance conditions, such as poor light or highly variable lighting. 

AXIS Q1602 Network Camera

Lightfinder technology.

AXIS Q1604 Network Camera

WDR-dynamic capture.

Indoor and outdoor applications

The cameras are suitable for a wide range of video surveillance applications, including government and industrial buildings, retail environments, airports, railway stations and schools.

Ürün Dökümanları
Axis Q16 1080p Network Kamera03.08.2015 - 1 MbİngilizceGörüntüle
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